Meet David


I always knew God had plans for me because He's brought me through so many difficulties. From being born blue and not breathing to surviving a 30 foot fall from the third story of my parents home, God has always brought me through. I grew up in church and Awana, and was saved when I was 4 on the floor of my parents green Chevy crew cab. I am a middle child, and the only boy. I was frequently the trouble maker growing up, and had too much energy for my own good. I was fascinated and intrigued when my parents got their Atari 800, and even more so when they got their first PC. Computers had a big impact on me, and they're still what I enjoy and love to work with.

I grew up in California, and spent most of my life there, living in both Southern and Northern. I tried my hand at college a few times years ago and now plan on going back to school this year and finally getting my degree soon. I've worked with computers for years and am excited to see the doors God opens after school is done.

 Angela and I in Gloucester, MA

Angela and I in Gloucester, MA

I met my wife, Angela, on eHarmony when I was living in Montana. A couple of months after meeting online I drove down to Idaho and met her in person. A month later I moved down to live closer. We dated for about a year and a half, with a small break in between, before we said I do in May 2017. We have been through some really tough times, but with God at the center of our relationship we have grown closer and deeper in love. The future looks amazing, and I wait with anticipation for the day my wife will take her second first step.