Warm weather, to the beach!


We've been getting into a really bad habit of going to bed very late, and getting up very late each day, especially since we haven't had much to do or had anything to get up early for. But it's not a great habit to get into. They say the more sleep one gets before midnight, the better quality sleep it is. So last night (Saturday night) David and I shut the TV off at 10 PM and prayed together (this is a tradition we've been doing since we've gotten married, every night in bed we pray together, for each other, for other people, definitely thanking God for all he's done for us). We set our alarm for 8 AM and tried our best to fall asleep. I read for a little and David tossed and turned but we finally fell asleep around 11pm. We reluctantly got up at 8am, but we did. David made some coffee and got we situated on the couch to "go to church." Since I'm not ready yet to attend a local church, we have decided to watch a sermon online from our church at home. Attending church here would be so nice, but not only is it physically hard for me to sit for long periods of time, it's emotionally hard for me to be surrounded by people, who all mean well, but because of my natural introvertedness I get absolutely drained by all these people. trying to love on us.

After we finished the Stonehill sermon online, we got ready for the day. I've been able to take a shower a lot easier since David "MacGyver'd" the shower seat to fit better in the shower and Dr. Spencer gave me the ok to shower without covering the wound. I decided that I would wear "normal" clothes today. This was actually the first time I had worn something other than my pajamas. The main reason being pajamas are so much easier because of how wide in the thigh they are around my stump, especially men's pajamas like I've been wearing. To make it able to wear "normal" clothes, I took a pair of my yoga pants and cut the left leg off. I was able to stretch out the remaining left pant leg so that it comfortably fit over my stump. And there you go, I was in yoga pants.

We had decided to head to the Cape Cod mall for two reasons. It was a beautiful day and the drive would be a nice 30 min drive, south of where we lived, which we had not explored yet. Also, the mall would be a great place to walk around, so David could get a little exercise. On the way we got some Dunkins, 'cause a sunny day is great with a Dunkin Iced coffee (3 sugars and milk).

We crossed over the Sagamore Bridge. If you're from around here you know, there are, I think, two bridges to the Cape, and they get wicked backed up during the summer. I just remember hearing about Friday night or weekend traffic around the Sagamore Bridge.

After we were done at the mall, which it turns out Cape Cod mall is quite small, we decided to try and find the beach. And we did. We parked in the parking lot, which was right at the edge of the sand, and I decided I wanted to try and stick my foot in the sand. First time on crutches. It was difficult. I had to use my muscles to hold my leg up, because it still needs to be elevated at all times. However these are the same muscles I used to hold my leg up when my knee was frozen at a 90 angle before the surgery, so it was a little easier. However, it was strangely different crutching with just my stump than having my whole leg. 

I made it the one or two steps from the car to sitting on the curb. And there it was my foot was in the sand!!

The sun was nice and bright and if that was all we would have been very warm, but, unfortunately, the wind was cold and strong, so we only lasted 15 min or so. But it was so nice to see the water and put my foot in the sand, and snuggle up close to David.

We got back in the car and decided to head back home. We had a little bit of a drive to get back and I was already feeling tired and my leg was having a lot of phantom pain and pain in the stump.

It was a great day. 

Seems like those days come a cost though. I had a pretty bad night and even the next day it seemed like I was still recovering. We have learned that I can handle one thing at a time. A trip to the mall, a drive to the beach, but not both. But I do want to do something every once in a while. I'll go crazy staying in this house all day, I just have to learn how to pace myself. But I am learning.

Today, Tuesday, we are headed to get a blood test and a quick stop at the store, but that's it. Yesterday was pretty amazing. Two of my good friends came over and cleaned the bathroom and did the dishes for us; which was a great help for David, and a blessing for me, since I am unable to help David with household chores right now.

Going to go get ready to head out for my blood test! Oh and I'm also happy to report that we have successfully, for the last 3 nights, turned off the TV at 10pm and got up at 8am. We're a little tired, but I think it might take more than 3 tries to change a long time bad habit. Ok, bye for now! ????