[Video Update] On the road, family time...

Here's a short video while on the road to visit family before we head to Boston. We are so grateful to have been able to have spent Christmas with my (Angela) family in Eureka, CA and now New Years with David's parents in Montana.

God has been so faithful and blessed us with great weather and dry roads in all our driving. Sometimes I'll look at the forecast and they'll be snow before and snow after the day we're driving but bright sun for our drive. God is so good! Last night we stayed in Ritzville, WA. When we got to our hotel room (Best Western Bronco Inn) the hotel bible was sitting on the table opened to Psalm 40. On the table was a message from the hotel...

Psalm 40 is my mom's favorite scripture. 

Also on the back of the "travelers prayer" note was Psalm 139. Which talks about God knowing us, and protecting us, and going before and behind us in all we do. 

Such a good reminder as we travel and are getting closer to my surgery. God knows what is ahead, he is protecting us, he's got our back and he's going a head of us, his hand is upon us. 

Hope everyone had a good Christmas and a safe and fun New Years. After a short visit with David's parents we are headed back to Idaho for a few days to finish cleaning and packing up our house and then on the road again. We will be driving to Boston, most likely we will be going south and then driving to the east, to possibly avoid bad weather. But we are waiting till closer to when we leave to decide for sure. 

I will be posting more video update along the way. We are excited and a little scared to start our journey to Boston. We have so much hope, and feel peace that God has prepared the way for us. We know there are so many people lifting us up in prayer and feel so blessed by all the love and support we have received! Thank you to you all! 

Love, Angela