Time to do some "pre-hab"...


Today was my first visit to the physical therapist. My orthopedic surgeon in Boston wants me to get into the best shape possible before the surgery. The stronger my body is the better it will be for recovering after the amputation. My pre-hab, like rehab after surgery, will include eating better, and exercising with the physical therapist, so that my body is ready for January. This includes strengthening my right leg, my arms and my core. Today I spent the first part of the appointment trying to convince the therapist there was nothing he could do for my left knee. But after he finally gave up, we talked about what needed to be done to get ready for January. Today’s visit was just a consult; next week I start the actual ‘pre-hab’. I will be going once a week, at least for the next couple of months. I’m a little bit nervous about how hard it’s going to be, but glad to have the help and hopefully accountability from the physical therapist. So here’s to getting in better shape by January.

Angela and family are raising support for her upcoming journey to Boston for her above the knee amputation. Please check out her fundraise.com page.