Thursday Night

Thursday night.


Angela had the worst pain she’s ever experienced in her stump. Two calls to the orthopedic doctor and 7 hours later, we went to the emergency room. 7 hours and 3 medications later, the pain finally started to ease just a bit. Pain went from a 10 to a 7 or 8. Her stump was swollen and felt a little warm. She had a little fever, too.

Angela was admitted to the hospital, and they performed ultrasound on her stump to search for clots. Although there were no blood clots, there was a little bit of inflammation in the outer side of her stump. She was given antibiotics through her IV, and the pain, hematology, orthopedic, and vascular anomalies teams discussed what to do next.

An MRI was the next step, so they brought Angela to radiology/MRI around 6 pm Friday. Even with muscle relaxers and pain medicine, the position for the MRI was just too unbearable for my beautiful bride. Around 8:30 pm they took her back for an MRI under anesthesia. They finally brought me to send her in the recovery room around midnight. We were brought to a new, bigger room to stay.

The floor doctor came by a short time ago and explained the results of the MRI. There is an infection in the bone, and there is a large pocket of puss in the stump. One again, Angela can’t eat or drink anything because they are going to have to go in and clear out the puss. Whether it’s draining it with a syringe or through a more invasive surgery, they are going to remove the puss and clear up the infection.

It’s just before 2 am on Saturday, and I’m just 5 hours away from being awake for 48 hours. Praise God for all the strength, support, grace, and hope he has given me through all of this. Although there was nothing I could do to relieve the pain Angela experiences, sometimes even to the point of screaming in anguish because it is so unbearable and excruciating, and she feels like she’s dying, God gave me the strength and support to be Angela’s anchor. She can lean on me for hope and strength.

God has performed so many miracles since we decided to proceed with the amputation. So many of you are supporting us with prayer and financial help. The expenses are growing and the time we need to stay has grown, yet I know God will continue to provide. I don’t know how, but I believe he will provide a proper wheelchair, perfect prosthetic leg, and great rehab. I want to shout out how much the glory and praise goes to God. God is so good.

I love you guys!