Thursday Morning 


***Warning*** there is a photo of Angela at the end of this post that shows her stump with its bandage on it. If you have a weak stomach, do not scroll down all the way!!

Before this morning's update, I realized I never let everyone know that they were able to take the breathing tube out before she woke up yesterday! Thank you for praying for that! :)

This morning the anesthesia is wearing off, and Angela is starting to have more pain. There are teams of doctors and nurses monitoring her pain, blood, and healing process, and she is definitely in good hands here. But we would appreciate prayer that they would be able to manage her pain and that it would go away (both in her stump and phantom pain). 

Also, today they will be starting her back on blood thinners (she is normally on them at home). This means that it will be a balancing act between blood thinners to prevent clotting, but not too much so her stump can heal. Again, the doctors are working to get this right, but we would ask for prayer for this as well. 

We're not sure how long she will be in ICU, but will probably have a better idea once the blood thinners start back up and are at the right levels. 

Again, thank you for praying and standing with Angela ❤️