Surrounded by glitter...


In between physical therapy, doctors appointments, doing some chores around the house, and resting, you will probably find me on the floor surrounded by glitter. 

I really enjoy creating things and am having so much fun making items for my online store JOYFUL.

I've been busy fulfilling orders and making new things to go on the site. One of my favorite things right now to make are Christmas wreaths. 

My husband often times will put on Christmas music as I sit on the floor surrounded by red, white, gold, silver and green embellishments to add to the wreaths. I love making big bows to tie the wreaths together and spend a lot of time making sure each one is special and something I would enJOY having in my home. 

One of my favorite wreaths I made just a couple days ago was a Mickey and Friends Christmas Wreath. It has Mickey and four other characters. Each character is decorated to look as though they are helping me make the wreath. This one's already sold, but I thought everyone might like to see it. I can always make another one. 

In fact, now available at JOYFUL, a CUSTOM CHRISTMAS WREATH option; you decide what kind of wreath, what colors I use, and even tell me your style preference and I will make a wreath to fit perfectly in your home this Christmas. There are also additional items available; such as, the Disney characters, as well as other Christmas characters. You can also add a special word, such as, Joy or Hope, or your last name, the choice is yours. Just click on the picture below to see all the details and place your order. 

I'm finding so much joy from creating all these fun things for my store and am so thankful that I am able to do something during this time to help our family (David and I) and also send some joy to you. I'm thankful for all the loving support and thankful that God created things like wreaths and glitter to make our world a little brighter and JOYFUL