Stiches are OUT!


Thank you guys for praying for no pain! Besides the seconds of pain when she tugged and cut the stiches, it really wasn't that bad. It went very quickly and now that we're done there is no extra pain.  Dr. Spencer said the infection looks good and everything is healing very well. Right now we are sitting in the NOPCO waiting area, waiting to get a new, smaller, shrinkers. The shrinker is the thing I have to wear around my stump to shape and compress the stump. It is made of an elastic sweatpants type material. 

Now we are in the car headed home. When we picked up the new shrinkers we were able to meet the prosthetists and talk with her about a lot of things. Everything from the casting of the stump, to how the knee works, and all the different types of prosthetics there are available. I am so excited, I feel like my life is going to be so much more amazing than it was even before a year ago when my knee froze up. I haven't been able to walk normally probably since I was a child and I am so pumped to be able to do so much that I haven't been able to do for so long. I know there still a long road ahead but it just seems so close and I'm just so excited, so encouraged and very grateful to God that he has brought me to this place in my life. 

Thank you again everyone for praying, God is good and very merciful and I am feeling better than I ever thought I would have felt. 

Now time to go home and rest. ❤️