State 8...

We are driving through our eighth state today (Tennessee). We will have driven in 17 states on this trip, starting in Idaho and ending in Massachusetts. 

The last 4 days have been long days of driving, each day around 550 miles. The days have been passed with conversation, music, pod casts and stops at various truck stops to get gas and pee. Nothing very exciting but we're still going, we still like each other and everything has gone smoothly. 

Tomorrow will be a little more exciting. We plan on stopping in Washington DC for lunch and Philadelphia for dinner. I've never been to either place so I'm looking forward to the stops and having something to break up the day of driving. 

Today is Sunday and we are missing our church family at Stonehill. Last week, because of the snow, church was cancelled, so we didn't get to go one last time before leaving for Boston. Today we watched Doug's mini message from last week in the car, somewhere around Nashville, TN. 

We also listened to one of Bethel's worship albums, which made us miss worshiping with Trev and the band at Stonehill. 

We feel so grateful that we have friends and a church family to miss, and that we know they are back home praying for and supporting us. We are blessed to have people all over the world supporting us.

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