Some things you might have missed...

Sometimes things get posted On Facebook and we forget to post them on the website for people who are not on Facebook. So here are a few things that have been posted on Facebook in the last couple of weeks.

The first is a video from the hospital, Tuesday May 16th, explaining what had happened and where we were at that point. Check it out.

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I was going to do a separate post about the artwork I did on the windows but for now here’s a couple pictures and a small description. The reasons behind each of the drawings I will hopefully get to posting on soon. 


This is what I left on the windows of my hospital room. Who knows how long they’ll stay before someone cleans the window but hopefully they will bless a few patients that will stay in this room. I will probably write a post on what the two paintings mean to me but for now I just wanted to share my art. I’m still learning how to write in the “new style calligraphy” and it was incredibly hard to do with window paint. The first one says “Today I choose Joy” the second one says “Love conquers Fear.” Hope you enjoy.

Here is one more post from Facebook, this one was actually this morning, so I think we’re up-to-date now.


 Just hanging out on the couch, getting my antibiotics infused, dreaming about traveling again someday, watching a little Rick Steves. #piccline #travelbug #itsgonnabeawhile #setbackssuck #somethingtoworktowards #travelgoals #traveldreams #oneleggedwoman

Just hanging out on the couch, getting my antibiotics infused, dreaming about traveling again someday, watching a little Rick Steves. #piccline #travelbug #itsgonnabeawhile #setbackssuck #somethingtoworktowards #travelgoals #traveldreams #oneleggedwoman

Soon we will be doing a video with more updates on what’s going on. It’s a busy time right now for us. Along with me recovering from being in the hospital we are in the middle of moving. We will be moving to a new place to live at the end of the month. We knew this was happening all along, that we could only stay in our house until the end of May. We did think thing that’s were going to have an a little  differently. Will explain all in the post later. We miss everyone back home in Idaho. We are very thankful for all the support we have received from family and friends. We couldn’t make it through all this without you guys.

One last thing: we actually had plans to go home to Idaho this Sunday but unfortunately because of the setback of being in the hospital we had to cancel those plans. I am feeling very discouraged by not being able to see my nephews get a adopted officially, but we thank God for FaceTime and then we can be there virtually. 😁

We have had a ton of encouragement and a little discouragement these last few week, but we are thankful that we do not carry these burdens, and that we have a faith that gives us the strength to go through this. A faith that doesn’t promise every day to be easy, but that does promises He will not leave us to go through it alone.