Some days are good days some days are not great 

Ok here's the truth, because I think it's important to not sugarcoat what is going on here. Although I don't want to just complain the whole time too, but here it is. I had a really bad night last night. David and I both have a cold, and the pressure in my head from the congestion gave me a very very bad headache last night. I did not sleep well. The post nasal drip has been giving me a stomach ache, blah, blah, blah. It wouldn't really be that bad but it seems to make everything else hurt worse, and I am very tired.  Today we drove the hour into Boston for my follow-up appointment with Dr. Spencer and the pain team. The appointment with Dr. Spencer went great. My wound is healing very well and she is very optimistic about how everything is going. My pain appointment went very differently. The doctor made me feel like it was wrong of me to need the pain medication I do for the long term that I need it.  Even just only a week after I've been discharged from the hospital. I am still in a significant amount of pain. I know that there are laws now that make it very hard for doctors to prescribe pain medication, but it's really very sad that they treat patients the way they do when it's not their fault. I am in pain from a surgery that I had only slightly over two weeks ago, not to mention the chronic pain that I face every day from my vascular anomalies condition. My goal after this is all over is to not have to take strong pain medication, but right now I need it and the way the doctor made me feel was very unnecessary, and just added to the stress and pain that I had already feel. On top of that it was the doctor that I've already seen when I used to live in Boston and I got the same junk from him when I lived here before and saw him. 

Anyway it was a long day and right now I'm sitting in the parking lot at the grocery store waiting for David to grab some food because more snow is coming and we're making sure we have enough food so we don't have to go out for the next couple of days. David has been great, I'm sure he is tired too and I know he's not feeling good from the same cold that I have. He is a good support and very patient with me. I can only say that God had such a good plan bringing him into my life. He is what can make my bad days good. 

Ok Now it's time to talk about some good day stuff. David's mom sent me some cool pens. So I could use them with all my adult coloring books, bullet journaling, card making, handwriting and calligraphy. They're amazing some are sparkly, some are paint sharpies. So see,  even the midst of bad days there are good things to bring you joy and to be thankful for. 

Thank you Carol (my mother-in-law) for the great pens. Ok David and I are watching Trolls. That's all for now.