Hi everyone this is Angela. My sister left today, and so did my web site content writer. And yes I am doing well enough to update everyone but I am extremely sleepy and groogy, so today's update will be short.  I miss my sister. Having her here made thing easier. She was my hairstylist, masseuse, and all together helper for me, David and my mom. She also bought a Mad Libs book that made us all laugh several times. 

Spent most of the day sleeping. Late morning I transferred to my chair and hung out there most of the day. Did more mirror therapy and that's about it. 

Tomorrow Dr. Spencer will be taking off the vacuum over the wound, that was put in place after surgery to drain any post op fluid. Thankfully, it has not put out hardly any fluids. 

Today I received flowers from my dentist office. That's right our dentist office Edgewater Dental in Nampa. How cool is that! Was so nice and encouraging and is totally brightening up my room. 

My mom and I have started decorating some of my room. Maybe tomorrow we will have a few more cards to hang up and I'll feel up to coloring in some of my coloring books I've gotten as gifts, to help brighten up the room some more.

David continues to be my rock and biggest helper. Thankfully we are both sleeping better than we thought we would each night and are so amazed at how well everything is going. We both praise God for his mercy and peace and are so thankful for all the love and support from all of you. I love reading all the comments on the blog and facebook. Even if I don't respond just know that I do see them and they keep my spirits lifted. 

Couple things to pray for: 

1. Noon (ET) Dr Spencer is removing the VAC. She will be numbing the area but it will hurt. Please pray for less pain and that everything goes as it should. 

2. I've been itching a lot both from the wound healing and from the medication I'm on. Pleas pray that stops. 

3. David's continued energy, strength and patients with me. 

4. My mom will be with us until Saturday. Please pray that she would have extra pain relief and strength during this time. 

5. Last ones a long shot, but God says to ask. Originally I had been praying that I would be stable enough to watch the Super Bowl, that was kind of my secret hope before the surgery, which just meant to me that in the hospital I would be out of the ICU and feel well enough to enjoy watching. Well I'm pretty sure I will, but now I've started to hope that I will be able to go home by Saturday and watch the Super Bowl at home. Wouldn't that be amazing. Either way I'm still so thankful I'll be able to watch the Pats play!!!

Ok that's it for now! Love The Hansens ❤