Three years ago today my sister and I left San Fransisco for Dublin Ireland, with a stop in Boston, which began our 5 week adventure traveling through Europe. This was my 30th birthday present to myself, which took two years of planning and saving to make happen, and was a once in a lifetime experience. Looking back I am so thankful that I was able to do this while I still had the use of my left leg. It was a challenge because even though I was able to walk it was with a lot of pain. However, everyone's prayers, God's mercy, and pain medicine allowed me to walk around Europe for 5 weeks. We did bring my light weight transportation wheel chair, but I only had to use it once towards the end of our trip. While traveling my sister and I started a blog to document our journey. We wrote a couple of posts and then the craziness of traveling to 5 countries, 40+ cities and countless attractions in little over a month set in and instead of blogging we slept. A year later to commemorate our trip each day I sat down and wrote about our adventure as if we were experiencing it that day. Here's the link if you'd like to read about our adventure:

Younger Sister's in Europe

Sometimes I still can't believe that such an amazing dream came true. With everything that is going on right now in my life it is good to look back and recognize the blessings that God has brought. And maybe its time to start planning another adventure for after we get through the current one.

Here's some reader participation: Where should I go next? After the current adventure of becoming a one legged woman; healing and learning to live the best life possible, what should my next adventure/trip be? It's fun to dream, and good to have something to look forward to.