Today I had all my pre-op appointments. Met with the Ortho surgeon, Dr Spencer, first. Then anesthesia, blood work and admitting. And lastly we met with the Hematologist who handles my clotting/bleeding issues.  The surgery is scheduled for first thing in the morning on Wednesday, but I still have to call the day before to get the official time. Most likely I'll need to be there at 6:30am. It is scheduled to take 6 hours, could take less, could take more.  I will be admitted to the ICU just for extra monitoring at the beginning. David will be able to stay with me the whole time. 

We are praying, and please join with us in praying, that the healing and recovery goes better than anyone imagined. There are a lot of challenges with healing after due to the uniqueness of my case. We are hopeful, prepared for the worst and hopeful for the best. But no matter what happens God is in control and he has equipped my doctors to know what to do to get me through it. 

Thanks for everyone's prayers and support.