Our place...


A lot of you have asked for pictures of where we are staying during our time here in Boston. So here they are. ???? The story of how we found this place is pretty amazing. I had prayed and asked God that he would provide a house that was one story with a handicap accessible bathroom. A lot of the places around Boston, especially in our price range, were either on the second floor or in the basement, which would make it very difficult for me to get around with my wheelchair, especially after my surgery. So when I asked God for a one story house it was not a simple request. One night when I couldn't sleep I was on Airbnb looking at rentals in the Boston area and I found a small house in Plymouth. From the pictures I could see that it was a one story with only a few steps to the front door and a bathroom that looked like I could possibly get into it with my wheelchair. The price per day (because it was a vacation rental) was more than we could afford, but I thought that maybe, if I explained our situation and because it's the off-season, the owner would make us a deal. I emailed her and told her about my surgery and what we were looking for, that I needed a place that was easy to get around with my wheelchair. She wrote me back and said that her house would be perfect. She explained that the house had a wheelchair ramp on the side door and the bathroom was a handicap accessible bathroom, even with the seat in the shower. Exactly what I prayed for! Not only that, but she said that she would rent it to us for significantly less than what it rents for usually. I was blown away by how God exactly answered my prayer, but honestly still unsure because it was an hour away from Boston and the hospital. But God was merciful and answered my doubt the next day, when we found out that there was a rehab facility in the same town and after my surgery I will be going there probably 3 times a week, and will only need to go into Boston maybe once for a post op visit. So I knew this was definitely God providing and answering our prayer! So that's the story! God has been doing awesome things like that throughout this whole process of getting ready for the surgery. It has definitely increased my faith and given me hope.