On our way...

We left Boise around 10am today. The weather when we left was rain/snow but the highway is clear and it's warming up a little. We probably will hit some snow along the way but we know God is going a head of us and all around us, and David is a great driver. We'll get there eventually, just might have to go a little slower.  Thanks for everyone's prayers! It was hard to leave our home this morning and think about what we are heading towards, there were tears, but we feel Gods peace and hope. 

I am beyond thankful for this wonderful man, who loves me so much, that is sitting next to me in the car right now. Probably only a couple weeks after we met I told him about all of my medical stuff and that someday I may need to have this surgery. Not only did he not run away or say see ya later, he told me that he wanted to do everything he could to take my pain away, that I was beautiful and God's creation. I remember telling him he was crazy, that he wouldn't be able to take away my pain. Man was I wrong. He has brought so much comfort to my life. I can't imagine going through all this without him. Please pray for him during this time, yes I'm the one having the surgery, but his job of caring for me is, I think, the harder thing to do. I am so thankful that David knows that God is with him and strengthening him. I'm thankful for all that God has done in both of our lives to prepare us for this adventure. Someday I'll write more about our story, I think it's a pretty good one, full of God's grace and mercy, and lots of love. 

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