Meet Rodrigo...


Yesterday, David (my husband) and I got to "meet" (Skype) Rodrigo, a fellow patient at Children's Hospital, who has a been through a similar situation as me. Three years ago Dr. Spencer (our orthopedic surgeon) amputated Rodrigo's leg, above the knee. It was awesome to meet someone who has gone through what I'm about to go through. Rodrigo has a similar genetic condition as me, however there are some difference, but we both have vascular malformations in our body. I have actually never met anyone with a similar condition as I and we both were excited to meet someone who could understand the pain and struggles we face. Rodrigo shared pictures and talked us through his whole experience after the amputation. He was in the hospital in Boston for three months. He had some complication, which I could also face, that extended his stay, but our experiences could also be different, it's hard to say. We are going to Skype again soon, and he wants to introduce us to his girlfriend. She stayed with Rodrigo for a month in the hospital, and will be able to share with David what he might face as a care giver. We still do not have a date for the surgery (because of the doctors schedule), but things are in the works. And talking with Rodrigo gave us a lot of information and answered some questions David and I both had. The best part of talking to Rodrigo was the encouragement that it is the right decision, that his life is better since his amputation. It gave both David and I peace and comfort to hear his story.

Angela and family are raising support for her upcoming journey to Boston for her above the knee amputation. Please check out her page.

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