Made it home...

We made it. Today we were traveling from Montana to Idaho, after our trip to visit family for the holidays, before we head east for my surgery. Ran into snow around 3 hours to go, which made for a more stressful drive, but David handled it well and we made it home safe with no problems.  Thankfully out of all of our travel during the holidays today's was the only partially bad day. 

Being home is bitter sweet and we could really use your prayers. It is so nice to be home but our house is almost all packed up (we have a renter while we're gone) so coming through the doors tonight brought lots of tears. Boston, and my surgery seemed so far away before Christmas and now only the next two days are what's left before we begin this adventure. I know that this is for the best, I'm so excited for the prospect of walking again, but tonight as David held me I just cried and told him I just wanted to stay home. 

Thank you for your prayer tonight. It's good to be home.