Joyful Christmas Boutique is open!

Some of you may have seen on Facebook that I have opened a Christmas section of my online store, Joyful

I have been hard at work, making lots of fun, beautiful, handmade Christmas Decorations. I love being creative, it brings me so much joy. And Christmas is one of my favorite times to be creative. 

I have lots of favorite things on my site. There is a wide variety to choose from from Wreaths, to hand lettered art work, there is something for everyone. And I'm still creating and adding new things everyday.

Hope you find something to bring you joy this Christmas season. And don't forget to check back for added products. If you follow me on Facebook I will be updating that when I have new products available. 

Facebook- The adventures of a One Legged Woman

Thanks everyone for your support. Not only does it bring me joy to create things, but I am also trying to help with our financial situation while we are in Boston, recovering from my surgery and learning to walk again. I am getting my prosthetic soon and then will begin the hard process of learning to walk properly and strengthening my muscles I haven't used in so long. David not only is doing a great job taking care of me and supporting me during this time, but he is also getting his Bachelors degree at record speed. He is already over half way done with the two year program and it has only been 3 months since he started. He's a genius rock star for sure. So again thank you for supporting our family during this time. And I hope you have a holiday season full of comfort and joy.