I'm going home today!

Barring no crazy unforeseen complications, once everything is wrote up, as far as the discharge papers, then we can load up the car and head home.  I will post when we get to our house in Plymouth. But the post might not be very long. It is very hard for me to post. I tend to fall asleep while I am typing because of the pain medication they have me on I'm very tired. David could post to but I want him laying next to me selfishly but I promise we will try to give you updates, sometimes they just might be short.

If you have any questions feel free to email us and we will try to answer you

Thanks everyone for your prayers! Do you guys understand this is literally a MIRACLE!! We had planned on being here for at least a month. We met someone through our doctor who has a similar condition to mine and had exactly the same surgery and was in the hospital for three months. So praise the Lord!!!