Home cooked meal in the hospital 

Jay made us stew last night. He pre-cooked some of it at our house and then brought the rest to cook in the crockpot he bought for us. It cooked all day in the hospital room. It smelled so good in here. My grandma’s stew recipe is my favorite meal so it was amazing to get to have it in the hospital. Thank you Jay!

Jay has been here since Wednesday and he is leaving this afternoon. He has been a godsend. Doing errands for us, cleaning up our house, keeping me company so David can have a break, and I’m sure much more everyday. Family is so important to me. I’m so thankful that he was here. 

I will update everyone soon with more details, but for now, I’m doing ok, pain is under control, may be able to go home from the hospital tomorrow or Wednesday. Thanks for everyone’s prayers and loving support.