Happy "I'll Stand Day"


Today is the one year anniversary of my amputation surgery. I am so grateful for all the support from so many people this last year. Honestly, today felt pretty normal, I did try and think about what it was like the day of the surgery, before and after the surgery. I can't remember much, I remember saying goodbye to David and my mom and sister in Pre-Op and the doctor/nurse giving me some relaxing medication. I guess when your having an amputation you get the good stuff, cause I remember nothing after that. I've had the 'happy juice' before and it never been that strong. Usually I can remember everything, all the way into the OR and putting the sleepy medicine in as I lay on the operating table. Not for this one though, sometimes I feel like I wish I would remember more. But maybe that's a defense mechanism our bodies do when we go through a trauma. I remember waking up in recovery, or ICU and feeling like my leg was still there. I still have a pretty constant phantom sensation that my leg is there. Lately, it feels like its asleep, a constant asleep leg that I really, really, really want to wake up and I can't. I'm praying that goes away cause its pretty painful, and nerve racking, pun intended, because I'm pretty sure the pain comes from the fact that they cut all my nerves in my leg. Anyway back to today...

To "celebrate" (kinda a strange word for it, but we weren't really sure what to call it) my one year anniversary, David and I went out to lunch at one of our favorite restaurants in Plymouth, where we've been living since last January (minus some months in the summer). We've come to love living in this area, and Anna's was a restaurant we found our first couple of days in Plymouth before my surgery last year. Afterwards, we picked up some cupcakes at a little shop next door called Cupcake Charlie's. I got a carrot cake cupcake and David got a Boston Cream Pie Cupcake trifle. We took them home to eat. You get cake on a birthday, why not on an anniversary of an amputation. 

It was so awesome today to see all the support on Facebook. Lots of you wore your shirts today. And some even figured out how to use the Facebook frame I created, although it took me a couple tries to get it to work. There were also tons of nice comments and lots of love and support from everyone today. I am so grateful for all of it and so blessed to have such an awesome support surrounding me. 

Most of all I just want to say how amazingly blessed I am to have a wonderful husband by my side this last year. Recently, he's shared with me how hard it was for him on this day last year, but I had no idea. He was reassuring, praying with me, pointing me to the hope we have in Jesus, he was my comfort and support that day. I know a lot of men are like that, I think God made men with the capacity to be the strong support for their wives during crisis, but I think God made David with some extra strength and compassion, because no one can take care of me like he does. He is not perfect, he has his own struggles, and our story is not perfect, but I would want no one else by my side through all of the things that have gone on in this last year. David is caring, patient, loving, sweet to me, strong, sensitive, prayerful, hopeful, willing to do anything to help me, compassionate, kind, and so much more, and I am so grateful to be his wife. 

Well that's all for now, the day is almost over and tomorrow I have PT. Tomorrow is kind of exciting too because I get to meet Roseann Sdoia. She is a fellow above the knee amputee, who my physical therapist asked to come talk with me. Sadly, she lost her leg in the Boston marathon bombing in 2013. I am in the middle of reading her book Perfect Strangers. I hope that she can help me with some questions I have about living life as an amputee and it will be nice to meet someone, face to face, who has an amputation similar to mine. I will try and write about it in the next couple of days so stay tuned.