Go Patriots!

Again today's post will be a little short, between the medicine and the activity of leaving the hospital yesterday I am very very tired today. Not tired enough though to watch the Super Bowl in a few hours. Go Pats. I have all my Patriots gear on today and I'm ready for a good game. I'm sitting here on the couch thinking about how 2 weeks ago I was sitting here thinking how amazing it would be if I could be home watching the Super Bowl right here on the couch. And here I am. God has been so good and merciful through all of this. 

Ok my eyes are shutting and David is taking the phone away for me in case I fall asleep and start typing weird things.

I will hopefully type more tomorrow. If anyone has any questions about how my recovery is going or about my faith, or what God has been doing in my life, or anything random, etc. Please comment below or email me at angela@oneleggedwoman.com. Thank you all for the support and love and prayers. We are truly blessed.

Time for quick nap before I watch the Patriots kick the Falcons butt. 

Go Patriots!!!!!!!