Friday Facebook Live


Today we did a live broadcast on Facebook. Actually we ended up doing two. The first one was in the early afternoon. I had just freshened up (makeup and all) and I was feeling pretty good. We talked about how things were going, update since the surgery, about the surgery itself, and I answered some questions from people who had joined in on the live Facebook broadcast. Then, after a lot of warning, we showed the wound (incision), how well it's healing, and then David dressed the wound and we finished up any more questions.  After the broadcast David and I went for a drive and to the store. The sun was beautiful, bright and warm (inside the car). David went into the store and I waited in the car. We were gone for a couple of hours. The car ride was a little bit difficult.  I was having a lot of phantom pain. It feels like my leg that is no longer there is asleep, like when you wake up with a dead leg and you have to get up and walk around on your foot, even though it hurts, to wake it up. Like that but I can get up and walk around to "wake" it up. I was also having pain in my stump, mostly muscle pain and aching. But at the same time being out of the house and in the sun was good. When I got home I was very tired and in a lot of pain. I was talking to my mom, telling her how I was feeling and I said to her that I should do a live feed now so people could see what it's like sometime. She said maybe I should. So when we got home and got positioned in my spot on the couch I did another short Facebook Live video to show how things usually are in the evening. 

Here's the two video.