Exciting News and a Prayer Request

Hey Everyone, I know I say this every time, but I really do want to update you more frequently on how things are going and what we are up to. We have some big news and a prayer request that we shared via Facebook this week. I wanted to share it with those of you who follow me through my blog. 

You can hear David and I share the big news and prayer request in the video on the right. It seems pretty simple, but for us, it was months and months of praying that led to this decision and we felt like it was important to share it for a couple of reasons. First, we hope that everyone will pray, and second, we wanted to take, what we feel like is the last step in making our decision, to share it with people.

If you've watched the video, you saw that David and I have decided to stay in the Boston area, long term. We have no idea what that means, but right now it means we are calling this home.

Originally, we came here for my amputation surgery with every intention of coming back to Idaho. Our goal was to come back, most likely, in June 2017; especially after my initial hospital recovery was so smooth and remarkably quick (only 10 days, click here to read some early blog post from that time). Things changed in May, when an infection in my stump put me in the ER and then back in the hospital for 11 days. My doctor did surgery to clean out both bone and tissue infections and shave off the bone spurs that had began to grow. Essentially I was back to square one and we realized that things were going to take a lot longer, and we were not going back to Idaho anytime soon. It also made us thankful that we were here in the Boston area, close to my doctors, and we began to realize the benefits of being here for me, medically. 

Another reason we have decided to stay has to do with the church we recently started going to. In September we began going to Harbor Church in Hyannis. I had wanted to visit this church since we came to Boston for my surgery. It was very hard for me to go to church after my surgery, especially a new church. But God kept pressing on my heart to visit. When we finally did visit we loved it. We met with the Pastor Josh shortly after and we found out more about the church. David and I began to talk about the possibility of staying in the Boston area long term. 

To understand more about our decision and how it happened lets go back a few years. First, I used to live in the Boston area before moving to Idaho. When I was 18 I moved across the country, from California to the Boston area, to go to college. I was terrified to leave home, but I look back and realize how brave it was. I loved Boston so much and a big added bonus was that my doctors were here. Eleven years later, eleven years of only seeing my family at Christmas and maybe during the summer, I decided that I needed family close by (this was before I met my husband). I sold most of my things, loaded up my 4Runner, said goodbye to good friends, and my brother and I drove to Idaho. My brother lived in Idaho with his wife and eventually the plan was my parents would move there too. Every day that I was there, especially before I met David, I missed Boston so much. I came to love Idaho, but there is no place like the Northeast. The culture, history, landscape, people, sports teams etc. It was my favorite place in the whole world.


Fast forward a couple years. I met David and we started our life together in Idaho. We helped start a church in Meridian, made really good friends, who did some amazing things for us when I was unable to walk and we were preparing to come here for my amputation surgery. When we got to Boston, January 2017, I remember looking at David and saying, "I do not want to stay, I miss Idaho, I want to go home." 

David, on the other hand, just a month or two into being here said, "I think I could live here." It was completely crazy that the girl who loved Boston was so eager to get back to her home in Idaho. But God was working. God had been working to bring me back here since 2015 when I met the pastor of Harbor Church. So here's that crazy story.

In 2015, I was serving on the Outreach team for Rockharbor Church (the church I had been going to since I moved to Idaho). The outreach team was responsible for deciding what was done with the section of the church's budget for outreach; things like missionaries, local community projects, people in our church who needed help financially, supporting church plants, etc. Pastor Josh came to Idaho because he is friends with the Pastor of Rockharbor. He told us about Harbor Church and his plans to share Jesus' love to the people on the Cape. The Cape has one of the highest homeless populations in the area, and there are many people who struggle with drug addiction. Most people think of the Cape as a place rich people live, however most of the time its just a bunch of really hard working people, who, like most of us, are broken and need some hope in their lives. Anyway, after meeting Josh that night, I got in my car to go home, and I called my sister. David and I had taken a break from our relationship at this time (someday I'll tell you the whole story, it's pretty cool what God did in our lives). I excitedly told my sister about this new church, about Josh and his desire to bring hope to hurting people, and then I said, "what if God brings me back to Boston to help with this church, what if God sent David and I back to Massachusetts to help." I went back to my house, and wrote Boston??? on my prayer board. I prayed about it, but didn't think much of it in the last few years. Until I realized we would be heading to Boston for my amputation surgery, we would be living only 32 min from Harbor Church. And finally almost exactly two years after I wrote Boston??? on my prayer wall, there we were, sitting in the chairs at Harbor, and I could hear a replay of that night in the car on the phone with my sister, "what if God sent David and I to help with Harbor". 

Now I'm the first one who will tell you I will never understand how God works until I am standing in front of him in heaven and I ask him all of my questions. I will be honest, I have a lot of why questions, but I believe that God works in our lives for our good according to his purpose, because He says he does in the Bible. I don't believe in coincidences. I'm thankful that God planted a desire to serve at Harbor church two years ago, before I knew any of this was going to happen. This desire made it easier to stay.

So that was a very, very long explanation of part of the reason we are staying in this area. We feel like we can serve at this church in big ways. David has already helped with running the sound, and also helped Pastor Josh with plans for all the tech stuff in the new building (sound, video, lights), which are all things David loves doing. I've seen him light up with excitement to have purpose, be needed and able to serve God in this way. I love seeing him realize how awesome God's plans are, and I love seeing his faith grow. The other day, we were talking about how awesome it was that the 6 months before we left for Boston we were able to be a part of Stonehill Church (a new church plant in Meridian, ID). From that David learned more about sound and he commented that God was using what he learned at Stonehill to help with Harbor Church now. 

 David on his way to an interview

David on his way to an interview

These encouraging revelations are helping to build our faith and trust in God, especially at this time, while we wait for David to get a job. In January David finished his bachelors degree; which, by the way, he finished in four months and five days. We are asking for everyone to pray that David get a job soon. It has been about a month now that he has been seriously pursuing a job. He has had a few interviews but no job offer. We are trying to be hopeful in our waiting, and trying to trust God, but it can be hard to do sometimes. 

So please join us in praying. And I am so excited to be able to write and tell you of David's new job soon. I titled this blog "The adventures of a One Legged Woman" because that's what life is, a bunch of adventures. Here's to our life on the East Coast and all the adventures to come.