Doing better


God is answering lots of prayers and the antibiotics seem to be working. The redness is retreating from the line we made on Wednesday. As long as it continues to get better our next appointment will be Thursday with the surgeon Dr Spencer. But please keep praying that the infection goes completely away, there are still red spots and spots that have some ooze ????. Thank you for your prayers, please don't stop ????.  So today (Friday) it is 70 degrees at 2pm and sunny. Crazy Massachusetts spring, one day it will be 70, the next it will be snowing, and then some 40s with rain then more 70s. This will go on till around May, when one day it will be 80 and summer. We never get a real spring. So on days like today you gratefully soak in the warm sunny weather. 

Today we decided to drive into the town center, which is about 10 min from us, to sit on a bench right by the water, and enjoy the wonderfull view of Plymouth harbor and the bay. 

David made us sandwiches and packed a lunch and we had a nice picnic. After lunch we spent a few min walking around the pier and taking some pictures of the water and small shops along the road. 

We're back home now and it's time for a nap. Thanks again for all your prayers. Praise God for his healing and mercy. We feel so loved by all the support and prayers of everyone; people all over the country, the world, some we are close with, others we've never met. It's pretty crazy, we are so grateful! 

Love you all! ❤️