Day 2: Vegas

Yesterday we drove the four short hours from Ely, NV to Las Vegas. When we decided to head south before going east to try and avoid winter weather, we decided that Las Vegas would be a fun stop. 9 months ago we got married in Vegas at Sunset Park, so Vegas holds special memories for us and we had some people give us a special gift so that we could do some fun things on our trip to Boston for my surgery. We are very appreciative of everyone's support and thankful for the opportunity to "forget" for a little while why we are on this trip and just enjoy being together.  Our first stop on the way into the city had to be In-N-Out. I'm not usually that crazy about in-n-out but it's David's favorite, and the one we stopped at (Craig Rd, North Las Vegas) was actually the best I've ever had. 

Then we made our way to the strip. We got the privilege of staying at the Trump Hotel! The hotel was very nice, comfortable, clean, fancy and it is one of the only ones on the strip that is not a casino, so it felt a little quieter and definitely less smokey than other hotels in the area. We received a complementary upgrade because my mom and dad called a head of time to see if my parents could do some special things for us and after hearing some of our story the hotel gave us an upgrade. They also sent up a fruit plate and my parents bought us chocolate covered strawberries and chocolate truffles.  For dinner we took the free shuttle to Caesars Palace, to a restaurant the guy who checked us in recommended. Searsucker, weird name, but great food! I think for me good food is one of the most amazing things God has given us. It seems so cool that instead of creating a boring substance that just gave us nutrients he gave us a million flavors and textures and he gave some people the talent to create wonderful concoction. In the Bible, Solomon wrote that there is nothing better than to enjoy life by having fun and eating yummy food (ok I'm paraphrasing). 

After dinner we walked around for a little bit and then took the shuttle back to our hotel room. Overall the day was great. A good distraction from all that is ahead. 

On the road again, writing this from the car in Arizona somewhere. The sun is already starting to go down and I'm ready to be to our next destination, but unfortunately we still have a few more hours. 

Today on our way out of Las Vegas we stopped at the park we got married in. We stood in the spot we said I do and thought about that special day 9 months and 3 days ago. 

We made one more stop at In-N-Out for David in Kingsman, AZ and then got on I40 and headed east. 

That's all for now. ❤️ The Hansens!