Today I got my leg casted. It is the first step in getting my prosthetic made. It is a very long process. We now wait 2 weeks for the socket to be made from the cast they made of my stump. Here is a video of the process. First they had me put on a mesh sock type thing to cover the stump. This allowed them to slide the cast off after it was dried. They they wrapped my stump in a wet fiberglass casting material. After the stump was fully covered she used her fingers to make indents in areas they need to mark. Pressure points where a lot of my weight would be carried.

After it was hardened she then pulled it off. And that was it.

After the casting was done we talked with the prosthetist about how long they thought realistically the process would take. Especially because we have our lease agreement till the end of May and need to make arrangements to stay longer if necessary. After talking with them, and then talking together, we have decided that we need to stay till the end of June. By then the leg should fit well and I will have had a little while to make adjustments if I need after I start using it. 

Today was a really hard day. But also encouraging. We have the ok from doctor Spencer to start physical therapy, which will be hard, but I am looking forward to it. 

We also have an appointment with the pain doctor tomorrow to possibly start weaning off some of the pain medication I have been on. Please pray for his mercy and grace on me. I don't want to be addicted to any medicine but I also don't want to be in pain. It has been a hard week and I've been more emotional and I've felt before that this doctor was not very sensitive. Please pray for a calm day tomorrow and that the sun will be out.