Amazing the doctor...


Today, a little bit after noon, Dr. Spencer came by and removed the VAC, the sponge like bandage that goes over the incision that is connected to a tube that drains out any fluid that leaked from the incision. Before she removes that bandage she injects the sponge with lidocaine to numb the area. After she did that she let me pull the tape up and then she removed the sponge and tube. This part could be very painful because some of the incision was left open in order to heal properly, however, I believe because of all your prayers and God's mercy, this part was actually not as painful as it could have been. After everything was removed (click here to see the pics of the wound) the doctors redressed the wound and then put on my shrinker. This is a picture of my shrinker. It goes over the stump and then the small little ring at the bottom of the picture is scooted it up to the top of my stump and then the remaining material is folded over the stump to double up the material. 

The white thing at the top of the shrinker is a belt to wear around my waist so that it does not fall down during the day.

Everything went great and it even slightly amazed the doctors at how well I handled the pain and was able to help with putting on the shrinker. It probably was because I've had so much experience wearing a compression stocking for now nearly 15 years, and putting the shrinker on is similar to putting on a compression stocking. Actually it may be even a little easier because the material of the shrinker is slightly more stretchy and softer than the compression stocking. 

So I was a free woman now, and after taking some pain medicine, we decided to go for a ride in the wheelchair around the hospital. 

That's about all that happened today. Thank you so much for your prayers. Prayer request number one from yesterday was totally answered and removing the VAC was smooth and far less painful than I thought it would be. The second prayer request about itching I can report that I have been less itchy today and I can only attribute that to all of your prayers. Both David and my mom seem to have had pretty good days today, with enough energy. My mom was able to lay down in my bed while I spent time in my chair. Which allows her to make it through the day better. 

Lastly, tomorrow David and I will be in charge of changing the dressing of my stump and putting the shrinker on, under the supervision of a orthopedic resident. And if everything goes well we will begin to talk about when an appropriate time to go home would be. I shared with Dr. Spencer my secret desire to be home by Sunday to watch the Super Bowl and she seem to think that might be possible. 

Either way praise God everything seems to be going well!!! The stump is healing and there are no complications and every time I see Dr. Spencer she seems a little amazed at how well it's going and all I can think, and sometimes I say, is praise God! There are so many people praying and God is answering our prayers with mercy, healing, strength and peace. I feel his goodness. And although even if things weren't going the way we hope they would go, he would still be good, because God is good even when we don't understand, I am so thankful that he has been merciful and answered all of our prayers with YESs!!!! 

There is still a long road ahead but I am hopeful and full of faith!!! Thank you for praying!!! If you could all pray that each of us stays healthy we would really appreciate that. David woke up with a sore throats and he feels a little congested and my mom woke up with a sore throats too. Thanks!!!