“All I want for Christmas...”

All I want for Christmas my new leg, my new leg, my new leg... [Sung to "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth"]


Today, I had my first PT with my new leg. I was a little bit worried that the physical therapist would push too hard and expect me to do more than I could. But he was very helpful and encouraging. He helped me figure out that my prosthetic was actually too tall, which was making my hips a little off. So next Monday we have an appointment to go back to the prosthetist to get my leg adjusted. The next six months will probably include several trips back to the prosthetist to get my leg adjusted. Also, lots and lots of physical therapy. 

Some days I am very excited about my knew leg. I think about all the possibilities in the future, all the places David and I will go, and that life might be a little easier. Some days, I am very discouraged, I feel like I will never be able to wear the leg, especially for long distances and it wont change the quality of my life. I try and remind myself, and David lovingly reminds me, that it will take time, and a lot of work, to get to a better place, but it will happen. Either way I am so thankful for so much in my life. David and I have been looking for an ornament to put a picture in for this year. I found this simple, inexpensive one from Target and began looking for a picture from this year. I picked a picture of David and I, just moments from when the doctors took me into the operating room for my amputation. David and I both look a lot younger, less than a year has passed, but a lot of life has happened. I'm so thankful for this man who loved me so quickly, loved me so deeply, and then loved me so much that he stayed with me through all of this year, when we'd only been married for less than a year. God was so merciful, kind, loving, caring to give this man to me to take care of me. There are times when I'm in a lot of pain, or tired (or both), when life is discouraging, and things get hard, where I forget to be thankful, and it's ok to have moments like that, I'm human, but there is so much to be thankful for, so much JOY, and life is so much better when I remember that.