A Birthday, the Flu, 2 Trips to the City, and good news...

Well once again it's been a couple of weeks since I posted; however, only a few things have really happened. David had a birthday, I got the flu and we also went into the city for a doctors appointment and to the ER. Here are the details.

David's Birthday and one trip to the city:

Last week was my wonderful husband's birthday. He's so wonderful that he spent the first part of his birthday at the doctors with me. We drove into Boston to go to the Vascular Anomalies Clinic (VAC) at Boston Children's Hospital (BCH). We saw Dr. Spencer, my orthopedic surgeon, who we actually weren't scheduled to see for a couple of weeks, but she was there so she stopped in. She said everything looked great. The incision is almost healed, it only has about a 1/4" left to heal. She said that we should be moving forward with physical therapy and getting my prosthetic, however we should be prepared for it to go slower than a normal amputee. Because of my condition it makes things inside heal much slower and I might experience more pain when using the prosthetic. We've been moving forward so quickly with everything it wasn't exactly the best news we wanted to hear. We will be discussing things with our prosthetist on Wednesday.

The next doctor was Dr. Fishman; he is the head of the VAC and has been one of my doctors since I was 16. He removed a very large venous malformation from my abdomen. At the time it was the largest venous malformation surgically removed from someone, however, Dr. Fishman has informed me this is no longer the case. The reason for this doctors appointment was to talk to him and the team about the future. Would my doctors continue to see me as I get older and older, especially because it is a children's hospital. They informed me that they would follow me my whole life, which was a good thing to hear.

After my appointment we started celebrating David's birthday! We grabbed some lunch and headed back to Plymouth. It was a sunny day, so we walked up and down the pier, checking out some of the small shops along the street. We went back home and David opened his presents. Later that night we went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner. Unfortunately, we did not realize it was the first weekend the restaurant was opened, and the wait ended up being an hour and a half. The food was pretty good, and David enjoyed it so that's all that mattered!


The flu and trip number two:

Sunday, only a couple days after our first trip to Boston, we made another trip to Children's hospital. This time it was because I had spike a high fever (104) and we drove into the ER to make sure nothing was wrong. I didn't really want to go, but several people suggested I go, including the on call Ortho doc. There was no redness or any drainage at the incision site. The ER doctor looked at me like I was crazy, and then told me I had the flu and to go home and rest and drink lots of fluids. Thankfully it only lasted four or five days, although I'm still not quite feeling as good as I was prior to the flu. Its tricky having a rare condition, sometimes all your symptoms could point to something really wrong, or it could just be the flu. Its hard to know when to make a big deal about it, and when to stay home. During the flu when my fever would spike I would get severely cold and start tensing up and shaking. The tensing up of the muscles in my stump, that are trying to recover still from the surgery, hurt them and even now a week later I'm still in pain and unable to do as much as I was doing before. Hopefully soon I'll be back to "normal."

Unfortunately, the flu set me back a week in the process of getting my prosthetic. Last Wednesday I was supposed to have another test socket fitting, but we had to reschedule it for this Wednesday. Its not the end of the world, but David and I are both very ready to be back home in Idaho.

Good News

We have some good news! At the end of the month we get to fly home to Boise to be a part of our nephews adoption ceremony. My brother and his wife are adopting two of their foster children and we have been blessed to be able to be a part of it. We will only be home for a couple of days but we are extremely excited to see family and friends.

That all for now! Tomorrow is David and I's One Year Anniversary!!! Can't believe it's been a whole year. I'll do a post later in the week about our anniversary and the appointment we have this week.