Home away from home 

We arrived yesterday evening and we're very happy to be done driving. We've spent some of the day unpacking and most of the day laying around sleeping and recovering from our week in the car (especially David). We drove over 3600 miles. Yes there were shorter ways but we went south to avoid weather and God gave us good weather the whole way.  It's pretty strange to be here. To be a week away from my surgery. I appreciate everyone's prayers. I'll post some more pictures once we get settled a little more. 

State 8...

We are driving through our eighth state today (Tennessee). We will have driven in 17 states on this trip, starting in Idaho and ending in Massachusetts. 

The last 4 days have been long days of driving, each day around 550 miles. The days have been passed with conversation, music, pod casts and stops at various truck stops to get gas and pee. Nothing very exciting but we're still going, we still like each other and everything has gone smoothly. 

Tomorrow will be a little more exciting. We plan on stopping in Washington DC for lunch and Philadelphia for dinner. I've never been to either place so I'm looking forward to the stops and having something to break up the day of driving. 

Today is Sunday and we are missing our church family at Stonehill. Last week, because of the snow, church was cancelled, so we didn't get to go one last time before leaving for Boston. Today we watched Doug's mini message from last week in the car, somewhere around Nashville, TN. 

We also listened to one of Bethel's worship albums, which made us miss worshiping with Trev and the band at Stonehill. 

We feel so grateful that we have friends and a church family to miss, and that we know they are back home praying for and supporting us. We are blessed to have people all over the world supporting us.

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Day 2: Vegas

Yesterday we drove the four short hours from Ely, NV to Las Vegas. When we decided to head south before going east to try and avoid winter weather, we decided that Las Vegas would be a fun stop. 9 months ago we got married in Vegas at Sunset Park, so Vegas holds special memories for us and we had some people give us a special gift so that we could do some fun things on our trip to Boston for my surgery. We are very appreciative of everyone's support and thankful for the opportunity to "forget" for a little while why we are on this trip and just enjoy being together.  Our first stop on the way into the city had to be In-N-Out. I'm not usually that crazy about in-n-out but it's David's favorite, and the one we stopped at (Craig Rd, North Las Vegas) was actually the best I've ever had. 

Then we made our way to the strip. We got the privilege of staying at the Trump Hotel! The hotel was very nice, comfortable, clean, fancy and it is one of the only ones on the strip that is not a casino, so it felt a little quieter and definitely less smokey than other hotels in the area. We received a complementary upgrade because my mom and dad called a head of time to see if my parents could do some special things for us and after hearing some of our story the hotel gave us an upgrade. They also sent up a fruit plate and my parents bought us chocolate covered strawberries and chocolate truffles.  For dinner we took the free shuttle to Caesars Palace, to a restaurant the guy who checked us in recommended. Searsucker, weird name, but great food! I think for me good food is one of the most amazing things God has given us. It seems so cool that instead of creating a boring substance that just gave us nutrients he gave us a million flavors and textures and he gave some people the talent to create wonderful concoction. In the Bible, Solomon wrote that there is nothing better than to enjoy life by having fun and eating yummy food (ok I'm paraphrasing). 

After dinner we walked around for a little bit and then took the shuttle back to our hotel room. Overall the day was great. A good distraction from all that is ahead. 

On the road again, writing this from the car in Arizona somewhere. The sun is already starting to go down and I'm ready to be to our next destination, but unfortunately we still have a few more hours. 

Today on our way out of Las Vegas we stopped at the park we got married in. We stood in the spot we said I do and thought about that special day 9 months and 3 days ago. 

We made one more stop at In-N-Out for David in Kingsman, AZ and then got on I40 and headed east. 

That's all for now. ❤️ The Hansens!

On our way...

We left Boise around 10am today. The weather when we left was rain/snow but the highway is clear and it's warming up a little. We probably will hit some snow along the way but we know God is going a head of us and all around us, and David is a great driver. We'll get there eventually, just might have to go a little slower.  Thanks for everyone's prayers! It was hard to leave our home this morning and think about what we are heading towards, there were tears, but we feel Gods peace and hope. 

I am beyond thankful for this wonderful man, who loves me so much, that is sitting next to me in the car right now. Probably only a couple weeks after we met I told him about all of my medical stuff and that someday I may need to have this surgery. Not only did he not run away or say see ya later, he told me that he wanted to do everything he could to take my pain away, that I was beautiful and God's creation. I remember telling him he was crazy, that he wouldn't be able to take away my pain. Man was I wrong. He has brought so much comfort to my life. I can't imagine going through all this without him. Please pray for him during this time, yes I'm the one having the surgery, but his job of caring for me is, I think, the harder thing to do. I am so thankful that David knows that God is with him and strengthening him. I'm thankful for all that God has done in both of our lives to prepare us for this adventure. Someday I'll write more about our story, I think it's a pretty good one, full of God's grace and mercy, and lots of love. 

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Made it home...

We made it. Today we were traveling from Montana to Idaho, after our trip to visit family for the holidays, before we head east for my surgery. Ran into snow around 3 hours to go, which made for a more stressful drive, but David handled it well and we made it home safe with no problems.  Thankfully out of all of our travel during the holidays today's was the only partially bad day. 

Being home is bitter sweet and we could really use your prayers. It is so nice to be home but our house is almost all packed up (we have a renter while we're gone) so coming through the doors tonight brought lots of tears. Boston, and my surgery seemed so far away before Christmas and now only the next two days are what's left before we begin this adventure. I know that this is for the best, I'm so excited for the prospect of walking again, but tonight as David held me I just cried and told him I just wanted to stay home. 

Thank you for your prayer tonight. It's good to be home. 

Brrr it's cold...

Hi from Montana. We have been so blessed to get to spend this time before my surgery with family, resting and preparing for the long road ahead.  It has been very cold here, but we have spent most of our time inside. Our favorite way to pass the time is playing board games.  Our favorite games have been Ticket to Ride, Qwirkle, and Blockus. I love playing games, and I love winning too. I think that same drive that God put in me to win at games is what has kept me going during hard times in my life and what will keep me going over the next year. The Bible says to "run in such a way to win the prize" or don't give up and try your best. It also says that Jesus "will supply all our needs" (Philippians 4:19) and "all things are possible through Him who gives us strength" (Philippians 4:13). So God supplies what we need to run the race and strengthens us to win. 

Hope everyone has had a great start to the new year. I'll be trying to update the blog frequently as we start our journey to Boston. 

We are leaving our home on January 10th and heading south and then east on 40. We prayed about it a lot and decided that this would be the best route to go to possibly avoid bad weather. We appreciate everyone's prayers! God has been so faithful and good, he has shown mercy to us by providing in ways that have made the journey a lot easier and given us great hope and peace. At the end of Philippians, in the Bible, Paul thanks the Philippians for sending him monetary help and tells them he is praying they receive a reward for your kindness! 

“ sent help more than once...I want you to receive a reward for your kindness.‭‭" Philippians‬ ‭4:16-17‬ ‭NLT

We pray this too! We pray that God blesses everyone for their generosity, prayers and encouragement.

Stay tuned for more updates.

[Video Update] On the road, family time...

Here's a short video while on the road to visit family before we head to Boston. We are so grateful to have been able to have spent Christmas with my (Angela) family in Eureka, CA and now New Years with David's parents in Montana.

God has been so faithful and blessed us with great weather and dry roads in all our driving. Sometimes I'll look at the forecast and they'll be snow before and snow after the day we're driving but bright sun for our drive. God is so good! Last night we stayed in Ritzville, WA. When we got to our hotel room (Best Western Bronco Inn) the hotel bible was sitting on the table opened to Psalm 40. On the table was a message from the hotel...

Psalm 40 is my mom's favorite scripture. 

Also on the back of the "travelers prayer" note was Psalm 139. Which talks about God knowing us, and protecting us, and going before and behind us in all we do. 

Such a good reminder as we travel and are getting closer to my surgery. God knows what is ahead, he is protecting us, he's got our back and he's going a head of us, his hand is upon us. 

Hope everyone had a good Christmas and a safe and fun New Years. After a short visit with David's parents we are headed back to Idaho for a few days to finish cleaning and packing up our house and then on the road again. We will be driving to Boston, most likely we will be going south and then driving to the east, to possibly avoid bad weather. But we are waiting till closer to when we leave to decide for sure. 

I will be posting more video update along the way. We are excited and a little scared to start our journey to Boston. We have so much hope, and feel peace that God has prepared the way for us. We know there are so many people lifting us up in prayer and feel so blessed by all the love and support we have received! Thank you to you all! 

Love, Angela