Oh Happy Day!

Thank you thank you thank you for praying! The PT nurse came around 11:30am today, and Angela was able to move from her bed to a chair! They also started doing mirror therapy, basically where you try to trick your mind into thinking that your problem-free leg is also your other leg so that you think there's no pain. At 2:30pm the PT nurse came back and Angela moved back to the bed.

She got good sleep last night. She is still in pain and occasionally has really bad pain in her stump that she just has to ride out. 

The doctors and nurses come by everyday to talk about the progress and the plan; little by little lines get taken out and she gets weaned off different medications.

And the cherry on top of all this progress is that she just left ICU to move to a private room with lots of space and a great view and a big TV! 

More to come tomorrow...