3rd Test Socket Fitting went great...


Hey Everyone, I know I promised, on some of my live videos, a blog post about why we were in the Berkshires last week, and haven't posted anything. Life gets so busy, and I'm so sorry I'm not better at blogging. Right now we are in the car, yes I'm typing while David drives, connected to a hotspot on David's phone, anyway, seems like we are going to so many appointments the only time I have to do writing and video editing, etc., is in the car. 

So before I talk about this week and especially yesterday's appointment for my test socket fitting, I'll just quickly talk about last week. So we were in the Berkshires, western Massachusetts, last week because we were homeless for a week. Our house, which rented last winter, January-May, is a vacation rental during the summer. Our original plans were to be able to come back to Idaho in May, but as many of you know, our plans were changed when I got an infection. As I healed this summer we decided that we were going to have to stay a lot longer than we originally expected, and instead of being anxious to get home, we would slow down and trust God's plan in having us here. After talking with our surgeon one appointment we decided to stay until I was comfortable with my prosthetic, which means at least till next year. So we began to look for a place to live again and reconnected with the owner of our Plymouth house. She was happy to have us back for the off-season, starting September, but had already rented out one week in September and two weeks in October, so we moved in but we would need to move out for those weeks. That brings me back to last week. Last week was the last week that we had to move out, and fortunately my parents let us use their timeshare to stay in western Mass for the week. David had never been that way, and never been to Vermont and I was so happy to be able to share my favorite thing about New England with him, leaf peeping. We had a wonderful time and we are so grateful for the opportunities we've had to travel during this time. More about our week to come, I have amazing pictures I want to share with everyone, but now on to the exciting news about my appointment yesterday.


Going into my appointment yesterday, honestly, I was pretty worried and discouraged. Our last socket fitting appointment was not so great, I was in a lot of pain, and left feeling like I might never be able to walk in a prosthetic without sever pain. Lots of prayers were said, David and I prayed that this time there would be little pain, and I tried to be hopeful. Our surgeon had told us that because of my vascular malformations in my stump, I might only be able to wear my prosthetic for 10 minutes at a time, especially in the beginning. 

As I put on the socket yesterday I was prepared for pain and discomfort like last week. I put it on, stood up, put weight on the prosthetic to get my stump all the way in the socket, grab on to the parallel bars and took a step, NO PAIN, praise the Lord, no pain. I took several steps more and was in awe, I could not believe what I was feeling. I am going to be able to walk, it doesn't hurt that bad, and as I get stronger and stronger it will feel better and better. Oh Praise Jesus, I said. Unfortunately, David was filming this with his phone and his phone stopped working and we lost the video. But we have video of later in the appointment. The following video is clips of the appointment, including David and I's first walk together, holding hands. It has been almost two years since we have done this. Can't wait to do it more.


Our next appointment will be to try a micro processor knee, and then after that, they will make my prosthetic!!! I'm so excited, so encouraged, so joyful, so hopeful. Thank you for all the prayers. Just made it to my next appointment, so we have to go inside now. God bless! :)