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Before and After my above the knee amputation in January of 2017.

Before and After my above the knee amputation in January of 2017.

This site chronicles the life of Angela. Angela was born with a rare genetic condition that involves having vascular malformations throughout the left side of her body. Recently, she underwent an above the knee amputation due to the progression of her condition. Her and her husband, David, traveled from their home in Idaho to Boston, where they now live while Angela recovers from her surgery, receives her prosthetic and learns to walk again. Her blog contains updates on her current adventure to walk again, as well as posts about faith, food, travel, creativity and many more adventures as the @oneleggedwoman. 

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Check out my YouTube page for video post and updates. Video content includes a live broadcast from the pre-op room right before going in for my above the knee amputation, as well as, a live broadcast a month after surgery explaining the surgery and recovery. Click on the icon below to access My YouTube Channel and subscribe to my channel for updates when new content is posted.


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